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Yamamoto : Cartridge Mono

Yamamoto : Cartridge Mono

Brand: Yamamoto
YC-03M: Monophonic

Product #: YC-03M


GST exclusive

GST exclusive


YC-03M: Monophonic: Stereo specification


Form: Low impedance MC cartridge
Channel composition: YC-03M: Parallel 2 winding 4 terminal monaural
Output voltage: 0.25mV (1kHz, 5cm/sec.)
Channel balance: 1dB or less (1kHz)
Cantilever: YC-03M: 0.50mm dia. aluminum pipe
chip:  YC-03M: Round needle
Impedance: 1.2ohms
Proper needle pressure: 1.2-2.0g
Frequency characteristic: 20-20,000Hz
Body: YC-03M: Boxwood material (eco-paint finish)
Magnet: Neozium magnet
Outside dimension: 18 (W) 30 (L) 15 (H)
Weight: YC-03M: 6.7g
Accessories: four-sets of M2.6 brass and gold plating attachment screws

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