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Gershwin : Rhapsody in Blue

The older the Rhapsody in Blue becomes the harder it is to define.  We know now that it is not jazz, whatever Gershwin might have thought about it at the time.  It is a piece of Americana, a great American whoop from the twenties, an excited cry of vision and joy and anticipation by an American genius who sees the light and takes a giant step twowards it.

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Product #: Columbia MS 6091
Format: Vinyl Record / LP
Label: Speakers Corner (Columbia)
Genre: Classical

price: NZD$50.00
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GST exclusive

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Gershwin:Rhapsody In Blue

Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue is typical in that it certainly has large contrasts in musical texture, style, and color. The music ranges from intensely rhythmic piano solos to slow, broad, and richly orchestrated sections.


NB: This is in Jazz and Classical sections

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Product #: RCASAM61393
Format: SACD
Label: RCA Living Stereo - Elusive Disc
Genre: Classical/Jazz

price: NZD$25.00
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