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The Yamamoto Soundcraft Corporation is the HiFi branch of a Japanese  machinery company.  The large technical possibilities the mother company has, together with Mr. Yamamoto's deep knowledge about  materials, and about  electronics design has resulted in this wonderful  and unique line of products.  The special situation here is,  that  the Yamamoto Soundcraft company does not have to use mechanical parts from other companies.  Whatever they need, they make it themself, just the way they want it.  Resulting from this is the prestine quality level of the used components. 
Until 2003,  the company  was mainly active in Japan only. With the coming of the internet, and growing interest in tube amplifiers, international sales just "happened" to the Yamamoto compnay.  Until then, the company was mainly known in the Japanese-only tube scene.

The Japanese Audiophile scene uses only original materials of highest quality and originality, going allways back to the root of the products.  There is no interest in new inventions, but always the search  for originality comes first.  Japanese tube enthusiasts like to improve products,  but never loose the philosophy of  the original design.  This is how they are. You will find  this quality attitude in all  traditional Japanese companies like Yamamoto Soundcraft is one. They have a word for this, called Kai-Zen.  It means so much as great dreams, small steps.

Mr. Yamamoto's  music preference is jazz recordings, and he is a very critical listener.  His personal experience is,  only the  finest, natural  materials can be used to reproduce the sound in the original way, as it was recorded.   For this, no weak elements can be tolerated in the entire sound chain.   Only in this way,  a true reproduction of the original music  will be made possible, with finest details occurring that can not be heard otherwise. This search for originality and perfect materials implicates not only the use of tubes.  It  means every  part of the product is subject to a careful selection process.   Also the use of hard wood and other natural materials plays an important role in the complete design. As a general  result of an  "all tube" sound chain,  it  is possible to  enjoy the music much longer as with transistor equipment, without getting tired from it.  This observation has been made many times, and is confirmed by many Yamamoto customers all over the world.


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