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In 1999 Simon Holbrook and David Irvine founded Slinkylinks Ltd. Adopting a cable design developed by New Zealand scientists; they set about adapting this technology for home audio markets.

Slinkylinks are proudly designed, manufactured and marketed exclusively in New Zealand.

Both Directors share a common passion for all forms of music and hi-fi audio reproduction.

This has extended to New Zealand’s professional recording industry, where Slinkylinks openly sponsor several burgeoning music artists, prominent groups and recording studios.

“We are exceptionally proud of our cable and use the same product we sell you in our daily lives. Slinkylinks unique design will work wonders in any hi-fi system and will give you one of the greatest sonic gains possible.

The Product

Our design philosophy is simple; the best cable is no cable at all.

This methodology created Slinkylinks; a cable different to all others. Slinkylinks are minimalist in design, compact, flexible and ideal for home installations.

Slinkylinks are the closest thing to no cable at all.

Slinkylinks’ design and construction is optimised to deliver the best audio reproduction possible in your hi-fi and home theatre applications. We believe our product sets the performance benchmark for all cables.

Creating the closest thing to no cable at all demanded a departure from mainstream industry and the design of a different type of product. We have spent an enormous amount of time to make sure Slinkylinks are the ultimate cable for you.

Our unique air tube design delivers superior audio performance. You can see Slinkylinks air tubes if you hold the cable up to a light source. The plastic is translucent, and with close inspection you can see the silver conductors each individually insulated in their own hollow plastic tubes.

Slinkylinks have no real intrinsic sound at all. They are highly lucid and do not harmonically interfere with the signal. You are left with lucid music that sounds simple and raw as it was performed in the studio. Slinkylinks will bring a new dimension of ‘airiness’, separation and imaging into your system.

Connect up Slinkylinks and the first thing you will notice is the cleanliness of sound and a ‘black background’ – all background noise and distortion is removed.

Bass is tight, punchy and easily followed with instruments displaying more weight and authority in recordings.

Timing of the music is dramatically improved – low frequencies arrive at the same time as high frequencies. Drums for example will sound bigger, fuller and more dynamic.

Unlike traditional cable, Slinkylinks simply step out of the way in your system allowing the source signal to flow unrestrained through your equipment. You won’t believe the musical detail you have been missing out on.

We firmly believe investing in Slinkylinks will give you one of the greatest sonic gains possible in your system.

All Slinkylinks are proudly designed and manufactured in New Zealand.


Intamusic Imports Limited is pleased to be a part of this technology, so that we can impart this equipment in Australia and New Zealand buyers of vinyl records and HiFi Equipment.


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